Wee Away Odor Rescue Odor & Stain Remover Laundry Booster, 32oz

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WEE AWAY™ Odor Rescue Laundry Booster helps eliminate odors at the source by cleaning deep into the fibers. WEE AWAY™ Odor Rescue Laundry Booster removes pet odors, pet stains, vomit, feces, coffee, soda, mold, and mildew. The odor defense technology breaks down built in odors and layers of body soil which can lead to odor issues over time. This product will leave your fabrics clean and fresh.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe for pets, people and environment when used as directed
  • Green-certified and eco-friendly
  • Destroys the source of the smell
  • Powerful on stains
  • Made in the USA

For Best Results:

Use in conjunction with regular detergent, Add 1/2oz to 1oz of Wee Away laundry booster per load depending on size. Place liquid directly in to bleach reservoir )for front loading machines) or directly into the basket (for top loading machines)

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