Albright's Raw Frozen PMR 80/10/10 Dog Food

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Size: 2lb Beef PMR 80/10/10
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Featuring muscle meat proteins as the first ingredient, Albright's raw food also includes organ meats and other nutrient-dense ingredients, such as kale, dried kelp, cranberries, and sunflower oil to provide additional vitamins and minerals. Plus, Albright's raw food is minimally processed to retain beneficial enzymes and probiotics. 

Albright's PMR 80/10/10 Raw Frozen Dog Food allows you to select a variety of delicious raw food options that fit your dog's preferred taste and needs. Choose from beef, chicken, pork, turkey, venison and rabbit.

Key Benefits:

  • Includes quality, human-grade meats and ingredients
  • Free from grain, corn, rice, wheat, potatoes, peas, beans, clay, or other fillers
  • No preservatives, synthetic vitamin powders, or added supplements
  • Meat is never sourced from distressed or diseased animals, or 3D or 4D meats
  • Sourced from U.S. and Canada
  • Encourages strong muscle tone and energy from a healthy balance of protein and fat
  • Supports a healthy skin and coat by avoiding grains, filler, and by-products
  • Provides natural calcium and phosphorus from ground bone and eggshell to support stronger bones and teeth
  • Nutritionally dense so dogs reach intended calories with less food
  • Helps to reduce inflammatory issues often caused by diets heavy in grain and corn
  • Minimally processed to preserve the benefits of raw

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