Goodness Gracious Human Grade Synthetic Free Pork with Salmon Recipe Gently Cooked Frozen Dog Food

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Goodness Gracious Pro with Salmon recipe is a complete and balanced meal crafted with Lean and tender pork sirloin paired with wild Alaskan salmon - perfectly oven-roasted, and accompanied by braised carrots and broccoli, succulent plums, and more,  It's why our customers say: "My dog eats better than me." 

Lean and flavorful pork is combined with pork liver and wild Alaskan salmon. It's then gently tossed with vibrant greens like kale and broccoli, juicy sweet plums, braised carrots and eggs. The final ingredients are a Walnut oil drizzle, a sprinkling of sunflower seeds and some of the sea's secret nutritional treasures like local oysters, fish oil and a teeny tiny touch of kelp.

Because no one passes around a dish of multivitamins at family dinner, Goodness Gracious crafts their recipes without any synthetic vitamin mixes. These complete and balanced meals consist of whole foods from land and sea. They then add touches of local oysters, eggs, mackerel, and sunflower seeds with a nod to Mother Nature.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete and Balanced Diet
  • Human Grade
  • Human Grade
  • 100% scratch made. 0% outsourced
  • Non-GMO fruits and vegetables
  • Gently Cooked
  • Grain Free
  • High Protein, low starch
  • No vitamin or mineral powders
  • Very low glycemic load (1.64)
  • Supportive of moderate sodium restriction diets and all healthy adult dogs (sodium: 55 mg / 100 kcal)
  • Great Omega-6 : Omega-3 ratio of 3.6 : 1.
  • Approximately 600 kcal / pound.


Pork sirloin, pork liver, wild salmon, broccoli, spinach, eggs, carrots, plums (no pits), oysters, sunflower seeds, ground egg shell (a source of calcium), omega-3 fish oil (sardine, herring, mackerel, anchovy), walnut oil, organic kelp.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Nutrient Guaranteed Units - As Fed Guaranteed Units - Dry Matter
Crude Protein 17% min 65% min
Crude Fat 4% min 17% min
Crude Fiber 1% max 4% min
Moisture  74% max
Ash 3% max 5% max


Calorie Content:

1,191 kcal/kg, 36 kcal/oz

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