K9 Granola Factory Odor Eliminator Candle, Blueberry Yogurt

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K9 Granola Factory Blueberry Yogurt Candles use the scent of freshly picked blueberries to fragrance this wonderfully smelling candle. The two toned effect of the candle adds an unique eye appeal. Warmed blueberries and light yogurt scent aids in eliminating pet odors. This is excellent after training to un-stress your pet. K9 Granola Factory's Blueberry Yogurt pet candle is a must have on your candle list.

Key Benefits:

  • USA refined high quality paraffin Wax
  • USA manufactured Glass, Lids, and Wicks
  • Fragrances are essential oils and/or natural scents
  • Replicated scents are phthalate free
  • 100 hour burn time for 16 ounce candle
  • Class is recyclable when empty



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