Redbarn Naturals Bargain Bag Dog Chews, 2lb

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Redbarn Naturals Bargain Bag is filled with an assortment of Redbarn's best-selling dog treats. These chews are naturally high in protein, free from artificial ingredients, and the perfect alternative to high-calorie treats.

The chews in Redbarn Naturals Bargain Bag are packed with flavor and health benefits, making them a delicious alternative to rawhide. Plus, the act of chewing encourages good dental health and naturally reduces stress and boredom. 

Key Features:

  • Single-ingredient chews
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Promotes fresh breath and good dental health
  • Stimulates dogs mentally
  • Slow-roasted for maximum flavor and crunchy texture

Recommended for: 

Light, moderate and power chewers


Choppers® and other wholesome natural treats from the Redbarn line of dog treats and chews.s

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