WDB Soft Lines Slip Lead For Dogs, 6ft x 3x8in

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Color: Aqua & Black
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Soft Lines Slip Leads are made with custom woven multifilament polypropylene fibers which makes them different then standard cotton or nylon leads. These slip leads have built in stretch which makes them easier than nylon or cotton to release knots. Soft Lines Slip Leads will also remain soft and pliable, even in cold conditions. The poly tope material that is used to make these leashes naturally float making them perfect for a trip to the lake. Best of all.....every soft lines product is made with pride in the USA!

Key Features:

  • Made with multifilament polypropylene fibers 
  • Remains soft and pliable, even in cold conditions
  • Naturally floats in water
  • Made in the USA


6ft x 3/8in

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